Work Packages

Work Package 1 – Materials and Production

Carbon fibre tows are flexible, strong, and lightweight. Taking these tows, and weaving them into a three-dimensional cage will provide a new reinforcement system for concrete structures. This proposal will look to reverse this trend, by using carbon fibre tows in a more logical manner to create a bespoke reinforcement system

Work Package 2 – Modelling and Testing

WP2 will run alongside WP1. Taking a 4m-span simply supported beam, subject to a realistic loading envelope, the complete design process for the internal reinforcement will be determined with the goal of achieving maximum structural efficiency for minimum embodied energy. To verify the results, six unique 4m-span beams will be designed and tested to different load cases. Issues such as shear (which is likely to be critical) and confinement of the concrete compression zone will be included in the analytical model. Existing design methods for FRP reinforced structures are unlikely to be suitable for use in this proposal and all analysis will therefore be undertaken from first principles

Work Package 3 – Dissemination and guidelines

From the initial testing described above design assumptions will be verified and the use of distributed carbon fibre tows of any geometry will be made possible for designers. Steps towards design guidance will be made. Dissemination of the results will be made through academic and industrial publications, and visits will also be made to UK architecture, construction and engineering firms.